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We install and service outstanding community laundry rooms at no cost to you.

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Community Laundry Solutions

We work with a multitude of clients including Condo HOA’s, Multi-Family Housing Centers, Colleges and Educational Facilities, Apartments, Hotels and Motels.

Bottom Line: If you own or manage a facility with a community laundry room, we can offer you free equipment and provide you with a substantial commission every month while providing laundry solutions customized to your property’s needs.

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Extensive Service and Support

Not only will we install your equipment for free, we will never charge for a service call or to fix or replace your equipment.  We never outsource work and we have dedicated local laundry specialists so you’ll never have to speak to an automated phone system.

We pledge to always offer outstanding support as part of our ongoing commitment to client satisfaction.

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Why we are different than our competitors:

Talk to a real person. We have a dedicated laundry specialists to help with your needs.

No surprise fees. No hidden costs. The quotes we offer are exactly what you’ll receive.

No installation fees. We don’t charge anything upfront.

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Commercial Laundry Equipment Options in Florida

We install brand new washers and dryers for free, take care of all service at no cost to you AND pay you a large percentage of the gross revenue each month. We even supply free replacement equipment whenever these would become worn, rusty or you want new ones!
Washco is the number one supplier of trusted brands including Speed Queen, Maytag, and Whirlpool.
We carry the industry’s most modern, green commercial laundry options with 21st century digital capabilities.

What Our Happy Clients Have to Say

Top #1 in service

Jose De Matos

I have purchased more than 30 units over 4 years. I keep returning because the equipment is sturdy and long lasting; delivery and set up is painless; if I have a problem it is taken care of promptly. Every one that works for the company is a true professional!

Susan Stewart

Very quick and responsive company to work with! Service Technician's always check in with the office before leaving the property after servicing the machines. John the owner is a delight to work with! Thank you Washco!

Danielle Raynor


Ximeno Drust

Great team. I think the world of the place and the people who work there.

Ivy Ward O'Malley

Washco provides an excellent product with superior service.

Mary Giddens

Reliable and personable service. They will help solve your problem no matter what

Joseph Sauerland

Card, Coin, and Mobile Pay Options Available

Washco offers several options for customers of all technical aptitude. Our coin-operated machines are great for the traditional consumer, whereas our card and mobile pay options are great for those who prefer high tech payment solutions.

Our Technology

Smart Technology

Sit back and relax because your life just got a whole lot easier by using Washco's digital commercial technology.

Mobile Monitoring

Residents can check machine availability, monitor laundry cycle times, and receive text messages when their laundry is done from the comfort of their couches.

Washco EZ Pay

Washco offers your residents two types of payment methods: Smart Card, which acts as both cash and charge card, and WaveRider Laundry System, which allows residents to use their credit or debit cards they already carry.

Better Management

With the digital technology solutions, Washco can monitor transaction activity, current operating status, and out-of-service conditions so service can be notified instantly of issues with a laundry machine.

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