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3 Things You Need To Start Doing Now or You May Die Alone

3 Things You Need To Start Doing Now or You May Die Alone

Repeat after me: wash, dry, fold. Repeat. Nothing kills young love like stinky, stained jeans. Don’t believe me? Try asking out that girl you’ve been eyeing while wearing your favorite blue denim bottoms with a mustard stain from the hot dog you had for lunch two days ago and a grease stain from — well, you can’t even remember.

One whiff of your unlaundered jeans will certainly send her running. This is a real problem, you see, because your first impression could be your last. And you don’t want to ruin your chance at happily ever after, do you? Of course not. Luckily for you, there are three simple steps that can prevent you from dying alone.

1.Wash Your Jeans – in a Laundry Machine

This one should go without saying, but does it? Please, for the sake of your future with Ms. Wonderful, find the nearest resident or student laundry room and wash your jeans. If you’re lost on how to get that nasty stain out, we’ve put together a stain removal guide to help. You’re welcome.

2.Dry Your Jeans – the Right Way

If you’re running late to pick up your date and your jeans aren’t done drying, DO NOT think you can just drive with the windows down in the car. Wet jeans pose a big problem, because you not only leave what looks like sweat stains in your chair (total date mood killer), but you start to smell musty. Follow these tips when drying your jeans:

  • Drying your jeans in a dryer helps them regain that confidence-boosting shape and feel they had the day you purchased them.
  • Dry your jeans with your other cotton, heavy duty items.
  • Watch for the end of the drying cycle to be ready for our third tip.

3.Fold Your Jeans – Seriously

This last step is crucial. Nothing makes a person look worse than wearing a pair of wrinkled jeans. Here are a few tips to help reduce wrinkled jeans and save your future happily ever after:

  • Then fold or hang your jeans for when you need them.
  • Jeans are more likely to wrinkle if left sitting in a pile when the cycle is finished. Remove them from the dryer, smoothing them while they are still warm.
  • For those who didn’t follow the first two tips, throw your jeans in the dryer with a damp cloth and let it run for a few minutes. Works like a charm.

Washco is a leading provider of commercial washers and dryers in Florida, and has been helping residents, students and travelers keep their favorite jeans clean since 1958. If you live in the state of FL there’s a good chance you may have used one of our commercial washers or dryers before. We serve every major market, including Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville. And we’re happy to play our part in your quest to keep those favorite jeans clean!

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