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At a moment in history when our daily lives have been shaken out of normalcy into modified routines, it’s important to work together to keep our communities safe and healthy. Shared laundry is an essential service necessary to support public health and cleanliness, which is why it’s never been more important for shared-laundry owners and managers to keep their facilities safe for its users. Here are a few best practices for safely managing your laundry room during the COVID-19 outbreak:

Make social distancing a known priority and policy.  

As a manager of a shared laundry space, it is crucial to notify your residents or users of the importance of social distancing. Provide information about your policies which should include limiting the number of people you allow in the laundry room at one time, asking residents to return home as they wait for wash and dry cycles to complete, and do not permit residents to place dirty clothes on any surfaces.

Frequently clean and sanitize all surfaces. 

It’s possible the COVID-19 virus can live on surfaces for several hours, up to a few days. Keep your facility safe by sanitizing surfaces including commonly touched areas like doorknobs, washer lids, machine doors or handles, cycle selector buttons and coin slots. Make sure to keep your staff and yourself safe while doing this by wearing a mask and gloves during each clean.

Provide protective wear and cleanser for your residents or users. 

While it’s important to encourage those using laundry facilities to return home between wash cycles, you can also provide some comfort as they come and go, by making available and replenishing items such as alcohol-based hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and gloves.

Post important tips, rules and reminders for your residents to follow. 

Keep reminders visible to your users that can help keep them and your facility healthy and safe. Include tips like wearing a mask or scarf, using the hottest setting allowed for the laundry they are washing or drying (check clothing care instructions) and sanitizing laundry baskets and bags often.

By making smart decisions to stay healthy and help minimize the spread of the virus, our communities will get through this moment together!

Please feel free to reference and print our ‘Stay Healthy’ and ‘Temporary Social Distancing Policy’ flyers below.


Washco Stay Healthy

Washco Temporary Social Distancing Policy


As an essential service provider during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Washco Laundry Equipment, Inc., is committed to maintaining our service and is dedicated to the safety and welfare of our employees and customers. We are monitoring the CDC guidelines and those of state and local governments.

The most efficient way to report service needed on any of our washers and dryers is to email requests to or complete the service reporting form here. You may also reach us at 844 342-0187.

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