Best American-Made Washing Machine: Speed Queen


Are you looking to invest in or upgrade your commercial washing machine? Are you wondering “what is the best washer and dryer on the market?” Good news – Speed Queen washing machines have just been named the best American-made washing machine! Believe it or not, this dependable brand is so highly praised that the devotion of consumers is being compared to a devoted cult following. Washco is proud to be a preferred Speed Queen provider and can back the hype of the title.

Best American'-made washing machine

Speed Queen is based in Wisconsin, and has been building and manufacturing all of their laundry equipment there for over 100 years. Their fame has primarily been based on referrals – Speed Queen doesn’t run national advertisements and you will not be able to find their washers in a big-box store. So what sets Speed Queen apart from the rest? The Speed Queen Difference of course.


Speed Queen is dedicated to building laundry machines that are the most durable, most reliable and are built to last. Not only do they use the highest quality parts and materials, but the household washers aim to have commercial-grade quality, which is even more appealing to consumers.



Speed Queen is committed to continually striving for the best possible clean; the machines deliver a flawless wash while also protecting the laundry. The state-of-the-art machines feature innovations, such as a perfected tumble algorithm that moves the drum back and forth at ideal intervals and rates that give consumers peace of mind that their laundry is perfectly clean.


According to Consumer Reports, “Speed Queen top-loaders are among the more reliable washer brands.” The observation came from a review of washing machines two years ago that drew on a survey of more than 115,000 subscribers. After testing, Consumer Reports found that both a top-loading and a front-loading Speed Queen machine were the most impressive washers when comparing speed of the wash cycle and cleanliness of the clothing.


Equipping your multi-housing laundry room with the best commercial laundry equipment will provide quality and reliability for your residents. Washco Laundry Equipment boasts over 50 years of experience in the commercial laundry industry and is the preferred choice for leasing Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment throughout Florida. For more information on Washco’s commercial laundry solutions, contact a Washco representative today.