Card Operated Laundry Machines: Save Time Going Coinless

Card Operated Laundry Machines: Save Time Going Coinless

Going coinless – everybody’s doing it. Introducing an industry trend that will make doing your laundry that much easier.

Turning your dirty clothes into clean clothes is much simpler without searching high and low for coins in your dorm room or apartment! Can you imagine a perfect world where coins were no longer needed to wash and dry? We can.

Introducing the “coinless” Smart Card Technology, a more convenient way to do your laundry. In this day and age, nearly everything is going digital. “Less” is more, especially when it’s “coinless.” Washco has everything your multi-family housing property needs for going coinless! Here’s how to get started with a Smart Card.


Card-Operated Laundry Technology in Florida


What is a Smart Card?

Smart Cards are used like a charge card for the ease and use of your laundry facility and are refillable at the Card Value Center. More laundry rooms are being converted to card-operated systems because of the ease and convenience it provides to residents.

What is a Coded Value Adder (CVA)?

Just like a charge card and ATM machine, add value to your Smart Card using a Coded Value Adder. This allows you to simply refill or add value while you are in the laundry room.

What are the benefits of Card-Operated Laundry Machines?

  • Reduces the hassle of tracking down coins every time you do laundry
  • Improves revenue by allowing smaller, more gradual vendor increases
  • Allows for premium and discount pricing according to machine demand
  • Eliminates service calls for jammed coin slides
  • Provides a cash-free environment, reducing theft from coin boxes

Steps to Going Coinless 

If your commercial laundry room has gone coinless, we’ll help you get started so you can wash and dry with ease! Check out the steps below.

Register your SmartCard


1. Activate Your Account

  • Click “new customer? Click here to register
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to create your new account.
  • Once you have created your account, you will be sent an activation e-mail.

2. Log In and Register

  • Click  CVA button
  • Enter your CVA ID number

TIP: Your CVA ID number can be found on the CVA located in your laundry room.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to assign this CVA to your account.
  • Click  cards button and follow the on-screen instructions to assign your smartcard to your account.


Add Value to your Washco SmartCard


1.  Click revalue button and follow the on-screen instructions to assign your card to your account. Make sure that your CORRECT smartcard serial number is displayed. Revalue codes purchased for the wrong smartcard will NOT work at the CVA.

2.  After you have completed your purchase, your revalue code will appear on the screen. You can find all purchased codes by clicking the “CODES” link on your profile. You can also have your code emailed or sent via text message if you have provided that information in your account profile,

3.  Take your smartcard and revalue code to the CVA to retrieve value.