Our Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

What you should know about Washco’s commitment to help stop the spread of the virus

For the team at Washco, the health and safety of you (our client), your residents, and your communities is our greatest priority. While we navigate through this uncertain time, we are proud to say that Washco remains safely in operation to serve and support you.

We’re in this together.

Laundry is essential and must remain accessible. Please leave your laundry rooms and add-value stations accessible to residents so they can do laundry.  As an essential service necessary to maintain public health and cleanliness, it is important that public laundry facilities remain open, and equally important that they remain safe for the communities they serve. We want you to know that Washco is here to work with you and your residents in this mission to stay protected.

Protection is our priority.

Through this outbreak, we continue to monitor the recommendations and guidelines of the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as local and state governments. These groups have emphasized the importance of safe laundry practices, as the CDC alerts that the COVID-19 virus may remain living on surfaces made from a variety of materials, including clothing, for hours and even days. This means arming communities with the education needed for preventing the spread of the virus becomes more and more important every day.

To better inform the residents you support, we encourage you to download and post the below notices in your shared laundry spaces. These include our health and safety tips important for those using the facilities.

Washco Tips to Stay Healthy

Washco Temporary Social Distancing Policy

Top priority is to take social distancing seriously. Limiting the number of people in a laundry facility at one time and abiding by the recommendation to keep a six-foot distance from others is crucial. While it’s always nice to see a friendly face in the laundry room, for the time being, residents should not remain in the facilities to wait for wash or drying cycles to conclude, or to fold clean laundry.

As your residents do their part in this mission to stop the spread, show your own commitment by regularly cleaning and sanitizing facilities. We ask you to pay extra attention to areas that are commonly touched like door handles and washing equipment. If you have the ability, providing resources like sanitizing wipes, gloves and alcohol-based hand sanitizers for your residents to use will help keep everyone protected. For more helpful information, check out our blog post to learn additional best practices for managing shared-laundry during the outbreak.

We’re making the new norms work.

Our promise to protect extends to our own team members. During this period of the Florida “Safer-at-Home” Order, Washco, as an essential business, is focusing all customer service, service technicians, and installers on essential duties, which include safely servicing our washers and dryers and doing essential installations. We have made these temporary changes to our policies:

  • Until further notice, our service technicians will bypass our normal courtesy-stop in management offices and they must keep at least a 6 foot distance from any other person.
  • We ask that our customers allow our service techs to complete the needed repairs with no residents in the laundry room to comply with the ordered social distancing guidelines.
  • Our service techs will post a notice when they are working in a laundry room and take it down when they have completed their work. See a copy of the notice here.
  • Our techs will also be using disinfectant on machines they are servicing, and wearing gloves and masks.

Let’s stay connected.

At this time, the most efficient way to report service needed on any of our washers and dryers is to email requests to service@washco.com or to complete the service reporting form here. You may also reach us at 844-342-0187.

From our community to yours, we hope you and your families stay safe and healthy during this time. Working together, we can help stop the spread of this virus.