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What Doesn’t go in a Dryer?

Do Not Dry - Large

Always check the tag to find out what the manufacturer recommends. If in doubt, better to air dry these delicate or hazardous items!

  1. Spandex – The spandex breaks down due to high temperature and it will cause the item to lose elasticity. If the fabric contains a blend of materials, such as cotton or polyester, it is more likely to hold up under the heat of the dryer.
  2. Bras – Heat causes them to lose shape, and the hooks can catch and tear the delicate fabric. For Sports Bras, the elastic will break apart or lose elasticity.
  3. Rubber – (i.e. Bath Mats with rubber backing, rubber soled shoes/slippers) Super-heated rubber changes the chemical composition, which causes it to shrink/separate and may be a hazard.
  4. Tights – They can become tangled and knotted, or catch on something and get a run.
  5. Silk, Acrylic and Chiffon– The delicate fabric can tear or crease and cause wrinkles that are nearly impossible to get rid of.
  6. Wool – Dryers can be rough on these fibers, permanently shrinking the material. Lay flat to dry.
  7. Leather, Suede, and Faux Leather – High temperature may cause the fabric to distort or crack. Hang them to dry away from direct heat or sunlight, which can cause the color to fade.
  8. Fur – Natural hides can crack and fall apart, whereas the fibers of faux furs can melt and tangle in the high heat of the dryer.
  9. Bling – (i.e. sequins, beads, etc.) The heat can melt glue or plastic which will cause the decorations to distort or fall off.
  10. Chemicals – (oil, gasoline, etc.) If you wipe up chemicals when cleaning or working in the kitchen or garage, keep them out of the dryer to avoid hazardous situations.
  11. Cell phones, lip balm, gum, and crayons – Be sure to check pockets before tossing the clothes in the washer. Small items can cause a big mess and some things are expensive to replace.

For people who don’t have a laundry room, finding somewhere to air-dry clothing can be difficult. For items that aren’t dripping wet, sometimes just hanging them above the dryer or even in your closet (with space between the item and the other clothes) can be the best solution. If the item loses its shape easily, laying it across the top of the dryer (or washer) can be a great way to air dry it. Just make sure you wipe it down first to keep the dryer lint or stray drop of bleach from your newly washed clothing! If the item is dripping, the best place might be the bathroom. Hang the item on the shower curtain rod or a towel rod, or use a drying rack if you prefer. Just be aware that the item will take longer to dry while you’re taking showers! If you don’t have easy access to a bathroom (or you share one with multiple people), we would suggest hanging dripping items on a drying rack or in the closet and placing a basin/towel under them to catch the drips. You can even turn a fan on to help speed the drying process!

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