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Commercial Laundry Equipment in Florida

At Washco, you can choose from a variety of washing and drying solutions for your community. We specialize in commercial laundry equipment for multi-housing laundry solutions in cities like Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa, along with counties like Orange, Lee, Collier, and Sarasota.  Washco is in most cities and communities – large, medium, and small, throughout Florida.

Multi-family facilities can appreciate the performance of our washers and dryers in their condo, hotel, university and apartment common area laundry rooms; in addition to the very high level of customer service we provide.

Our commitment to our customers and the residents they serve is clearly seen in our participation in Industry Trade Associations, including Apartment Associations and the Multi-Housing Laundry Association. We want to provide you with the laundromat equipment you need to increase resident satisfaction.  We want to be part of why your residents love living at your property!

Click to see Coin-Operated washing machines and dryers, as well as Card-Operated equipment.  Click on any image for a more detailed description of that product, and contact us for a quote!  A Washco representative will be in contact to provide more information on the commercial laundry equipment of your choice.