Speed Queen Quantum Front Load Washer Card Ready


Model #: SFNNYA

Engineered and built like no other, the Speed Queen® front load washer is designed to be everything people thought a washer couldn’t be,
beginning with its revolutionary suspension and sensing technology.

This groundbreaking innovation manages and redistributes out-of-balance loads to deliver uninterrupted cycles, virtually eliminate vibration and operate so quietly neighboring residents won’t even know it’s running. It also touts an incredible 440 G-Force extraction speed to maximize moisture removal, reduce dry times and minimize utility costs. And as if that’s not game-changing enough, this smooth-running, laundry-optimizing machine delivers increased water efficiency. It’s everything you never knew it could be. Front controlled products have met every design standard to be 100% ADA compliant.

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Product Details

  • Revolutionary balancing technology
  • Industry leading 1200 RPM spin speed exerts
  • 440 G-force extraction
  • Integrated meter case
  • Extra-wide 15.5 ̋ door opening and 180° door swing
  • Rugged suspension system
  • Easy-to-read digital display
  • Large capacity meter case standard
  • Multi-level vend pricing
  • Individual cycle modifier keys
  • Durable stainless steel tub standard
  • Four-compartment soap dispenser
  • Wash AlertTM capability

Product Dimensions

  • Width – 26.875″
  • Depth – 27.73″
  • Height – 44.34″

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