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Laundry Jokes – July 2019

Patriotic Washing Machine
Happy Fourth of July!

To liven up doing your laundry in preparation for the Fourth of July, here are some jokes to ponder as you soak your socks!

Q: What did the first sock say to the second sock in the dryer?

A: I’ll see you the next time around.

Q: What happened to the leopard that fell into the washing machine?

A: He came out spotless.

Q: Why can’t the comedian tell a dirty laundry joke?

A: It always comes out clean!

Q: How much fun is doing your laundry?

A: Loads.

Q. Don’t you get tired and feel like throwing in the towel sometimes?

A: No, that only means more laundry to do.

Q: What do you call it when you put syrup in the washing machine?

A: A viscous cycle.

Q: Why can’t washing machines lie?

A: Because it all comes out in the wash!

Q: Why are dryers so good at storytelling?

A: They put a hot spin on a good yarn.

Thanks so much for giving our jokes a whirl! Check out more information about our equipment or contact a representative to get a quote on commercial laundry equipment!

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