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Heading into laundry day can get a whole lot easier (and more fun) if you’re armed with some sneaky secrets. I have unlocked a few of our favorite laundry life hacks to give your wash day a little extra boost.

1. Try lemon juice to remove armpit stains.

Mix equal parts lemon and water. Then dab a generous amount onto a towel and rub into the armpit area. Repeat this a few times and let the area dry to watch the stains disappear.

2. Spray clothes with vodka to deodorize them.

It turns out this spirit has a day job, too. Pick up a cheap bottle of vodka, or use what you have in your cabinet. Pour some into a spray bottle and give your clothes a light coating. When the alcohol evaporates, it will take the bad odors with it.

3. Use vinegar to soften fabrics.

If you’re looking for a more natural way to soften your fabrics, distilled white vinegar is perfect for the job. Just add one half cup to the rinse cycle of your loads and you’ll get softer clothes with no residue.

4. Swap dryer sheets for aluminum foil.

Ran out of Snuggle? No problem. If you have some foil, just grab a sheet and roll it into a ball. Then throw it right into the dryer with your clothes to help eliminate static. And don’t throw it away after the first use! You can get a couple uses out of the aluminum before it needs to be replaced.

5. Unshrink clothing with baby shampoo.

We’ve all been there – your cardigan looks a little smaller after a wash. Don’t fret! Throw that cardigan into a bucket, sink or bath with some warm water and baby shampoo for at least 30 minutes. Then gently squeeze out the excess water, lay it out flat onto a towel and roll it up. Next, unroll and place your item on a fresh towel, stretch it out flat a bit and let it air dry. Voila!

6. Store your lint in a tissue box.

For composters, you can pull your lint right from the dryer and store it in a tissue box. Lint from most natural materials like cotton is compostable, along with your tissue box. This trick is a nice tip for campers, too, who want to bring a compact amount of kindling along for the campsite.

Now it’s time to put these laundry hacks to good use at your community laundry room designed and supplied by Washco. Washco is Florida’s #1 supplier of laundry room equipment for condominiums, multi-family housing units, apartments, colleges & universities and hotels/motels. See how Washco can make your life easier!

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