Multi-Housing Laundry Room Redesign in Miami, FL

Washco Laundry Equipment recently partnered with Art Center Apartments in Miami, FL. This project consisted of a multi-housing laundry room redesign and a commercial laundry equipment upgrade.

Before and After – Laundry Room Redesign

At the Art Center Apartments, Washco Laundry Equipment was able to create a better flow in a chopped up laundry room design by positioning the laundry equipment in a streamlined arrangement to give the laundry room more space, while making the laundry room more efficient for residents.

A Washco Laundry Room Refresh Means Much More Than Just New Washers and Dryers

 When Washco refreshes and equips a new laundry room, we look at it with fresh eyes for a more streamlined and friendly workflow.  We go deeper than just the laundry equipment.  Take the dryer venting system for instance; we use more efficient venting materials, striving for the shortest possible vent runs.  We always clean the existing vent system, too.  This provides shorter, more energy efficient drying cycles for happier residents and lower energy bills.

We also keep your new laundry equipment operating at factory specs with preventive service by our own factory trained technicians.  We are the only multi-housing laundry company in Florida that keeps your laundry room pretty by placing the washer and dryer legs in a small aluminum channel attached the laundry room floor.  Factory fresh washers and dryers all-lined-up!   At Washco, we believe the little things ARE the big things and we look after them so you don’t have to.

Miami, FL - Multi-housing laundry room designCommercial Laundry Room Redesign in Miami, FL

General Laundry Room Information

According to SpeedQueen, here are a few guidelines  for multi-housing laundry rooms:

  1. Knowing the square footage of your laundry room will help determine how many machines can fit in your commercial laundry room. A good guideline is to allow for 25 square feet per machine.
  2. At least one floor drain should be provided in each laundry room.
  3. If possible, install commercial dryers on the outside walls to allow for shorter ducts, as longer ducts are less effective for proper drying.
  4. For proper operation, it is important to locate the dryer in an area that has an ample amount of make-up air to replace the amount exhausted by dryer. Energy efficient multi-housing laundry facilities with low air infiltration rates should be equipped with an air exchanger that can accommodate on-demand make-up air. These devices can be obtained through your building contractor or building material suppliers.
  5. Provide sufficient lighting, preferably fluorescent.

Washco Laundry Equipment is the preferred choice for leasing commercial laundry equipment for multi-housing laundry facilities in and around Miami, FL. For more information on leasing or installation of Washco’s commercial washers and dryers, contact a Washco representative today.