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Washco recently had the pleasure of installing brand new Speed Queen Commercial washers and dryers in a beautiful community laundry room at an RV park in Sarasota, Florida. We installed ten Speed Queen Quantum Gold Top Load Washers, pictured below.

You can read about why our customers love this model from Speed Queen here.

We also installed five stack dryers manufactured by Speed Queen, seen below. 

Check out the model specs here.

Look closely at the pictures and you will see a blue box, which is the hardware we install for those who want a versatile cashless payment option. This top of the line model is called the KioSoft CleanPay Kiosk.

Customers can load credit onto their card with the kiosk, and can pay for their cycle by simply tapping their laundry card to the blue box on the card-operated laundry machine. Easy! Our partners at KioSoft work hard to make sure their cashless payment hardware works well with Speed Queen’s commercial laundry equipment.

Here, one of our expert technicians is showing a customer how to use the cashless payment system.

If you would like to talk to the Washco sales team about Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment, call us at 844-342-0187 or request a proposal online.


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