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As a multi-housing property owner or manager, you want a community laundry room that both serves as a revenue generator and keeps your residents happy. Convenience, simplicity, and efficiency are just a few qualities that make Speed Queen equipment a top-rated choice. Take a look at our customers’ favorite commercial machines from Speed Queen and why they love them. 

Why Our Customers Love These Speed Queen Commercial Machines

Long-Lasting, Reliable Equipment

These Quantum machines are work horses, plain and simple. Boasting maximum efficiency and long-lasting performance, Speed Queen machines were built to keep your laundry room operating smoothly and reliably for years without issues, minimizing maintenance disruptions. 

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Technology

The technology of Speed Queen is sophisticated and intuitive. The easy-to-read digital displays and cycle modification keys make it simple for laundry-doers to operate the equipment and customize their loads so you can avoid overloading your residents with complicated user instructions. 

Simple and Secure Payments

These machines come both card- and coin-enabled. The installed coin drop feature makes payment acceptance more secure than coin slide machines. Plus, each Quantum machine has a dual counter, which means it tracks all of your revenue and then matches that to the total number of cycles run, ensuring accuracy and that you get paid exactly what you’re due. 

Energy-Efficient Performance 

Let’s face it – commercial laundry machines get a lot of use in multi-housing properties and Speed Queen is up to the challenge. The Quantum models are heavy-duty but that doesn’t mean they’re heavy on your energy bill. These washers and dryers were built for maximum energy efficiency at lower operating costs.  

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