Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment in Florida

Washco Laundry Equipment is the premier provider of Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool commercial multi-housing laundry equipment in Florida. Whether you are looking for coin-operated or card-operated laundry machines, Washco can help determine what is best to fit your needs!

Multi-Housing Laundry Rooms

When done right, community laundry rooms can be a great way to make laundry day easier for residents of multi-resident housing. But setting up a laundry room that can both maximize convenience for residents and savings for you, can be agitating. Luckily Washco Laundry is here to help you get to the final spin. Not only do we offer a great selection of commercial washers and dryers in Florida but our staff is there to help you set up your laundry room.

If you take the time to set a laundry room up right, it can be a valuable commodity to help you attract, retain and impress your residents (and don’t worry, if you don’t have the time you can always contact Washco Laundry in Florida, we’re happy to set it up for you).

Like any business, multi-housing laundry is all about giving the customers what they want. When it comes to laundry, customers want a convenient and reliable method to handle one of life’s most reoccurring chores. Washco wants to help you and your residents by giving you the tools to set up a laundry room that is convenient for your residents while efficient and cost-effective for you.

Here’s a few quick steps to get you started …

Step 1: Determine the size and location of the laundry room

  • Get a close measurement of the laundry room and note any obstructions or areas where laundry machines can’t be installed. (note: make sure there is at least one floor drain in the room)
  • Laundry rooms should be conveniently located in your building and within 250 feet of the units using it (ideally on the same floor)

Step 2: Plan general layout for the room

  • Each machine will need a minimum of 25 square feet. If there isn’t enough room, build up not out with stacked laundry machines
  • Plan to locate dryers on the outside walls, dryers in the middle of the room require longer ducts which lead to less effective dryer loads and longer dry times.
  • Keep a 1:1 dryer-to-washer ratio, if possible.

Step 3: Determine how much equipment you’ll need

Once you collect all the info from Steps 1 and 2, you’ll be able to determine the maximum number of washers and dryers your room will be able to house. Now you just have to figure out the ideal number for the number of residents at your property. Washco Laundry recommends one washer and one dryer sets for different property types.

Type of residents Washer & dryer set per housing unit
Families 1 set per 8-12 units
Young working (or single) adults 1 set per 10-15 units
Older working adults 1 set per 15-20 units
Students (college housing) 1 set per 25-50 students
Seniors 1 set per 25-40 residents

Step 4: Make it happen

Now that you have your plan, it’s time to get the machines and set your plan in motion. Check out Washco’s selection of card-operated and coin-operated washers and dryers today or contact a Washco representative to get started today!