Commercial Washing Machines

We are asked, from time to time, “Which are better; Top Load Washers or Front Load Washers?”

First, Washco will install whichever you and your residents prefer. We know that building managers trying to choose the best equipment for their laundry rooms are busy and don’t always have the time to compare every last feature so Washco set out to shed some light on a number of factors to help you decide what kind of washers are best for your multi-housing laundry room.

(Spoiler Alert: We believe front loaders and top loaders go well together, like peanut butter and jelly.)


In general, your residents are more familiar with using top-load washers, so they know how to load them and how they work. Your residents can put their clothes in, add detergent, close the lid, and return to clean clothes.

When we look at usage data with properties having both top and front loaders; the top loaders are used more than the front loaders.

Front loaders can save your property on its water bill, when used correctly. Sometimes they are not as forgiving of user error as top loaders.

Front loaders work well when:

  • Loaded properly, meaning not over-loaded or under-loaded.
  • Used with the proper amount(less than what you may think) of HE laundry detergent

Experts recommend washing like items together.


Can front load washers wash large items like blankets, comforters and sleeping bags more effectively than a top loader?

  • The answer is probably yes, however it still comes back to proper use of the front loader. If the front loader sees your comforter as a balanced, washable load with space to tumble, then you will get a good result. Your residents will use their good judgment.


Top load washers can be stopped mid-cycle to peek or to add that last sock.

The cycle time on a top loader is slightly shorter, which is key for turnover in a busy laundry room.


On front load washers, the inner basket is set horizontally and doesn’t need to be completely filled with water, which allows the machine to use about a third of the water that a top-loading machine would use. As a result, they can save money over time by using less water and energy.

This should help shed some light on the differences between front and top load washers. The right washing machine depends on your resident’s needs and desires and it may even be more ideal to strike a balance between top-load and front-load washers, so that your residents can choose their favorite. Some properties may like to go with all one or the other, and that is fine.

Washco is happy to install whatever you prefer. We think there is possibly a place for both of them in the laundry on your multi-housing property. Contact Washco Commercial Laundry Equipment today to help you decide what set up is best for you.