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Washco Laundry: A Leader in Commercial Laundry Technology

Washco brings you cutting-edge technology to provide the most reliable and efficient laundry solutions for you and your customers. Washco Laundry’s advanced commercial laundry technology includes our digital laundry experience as well as our selection of high-efficiency washers and dryers.

Digital Laundry Experience in Florida

With Washco’s Digital Laundry Experience, your residents can:
WaveVision Commercial Laundry Technology - Laundry machine check

  • Use either coin-operated machines or card-operated washers and dryers
  • Check machine availability from their couches to make sure there are machines available before making a trip to the laundry room
  • Check to see how much time is left on a cycle to avoid unnecessary trips and waiting
  • Receive a text message when their cycle is done

With our digital commercial technology, Washco can monitor:

  • Transaction activity
  • Current operating status
  • Out-of-Service conditions – so service personnel can be notified instantly of any problems with a laundry machine.

Washco’s Smart Card Technology

Washco Smart Cards can be used just like cash at your location’s laundry room. The Value Center accepts both cash and charge cards – add value to your Washco Smart Card here. Follow the Smart Card Technology link above to learn more about the benefits of Washco Smart Cards.

WaveRider Laundry Systems

Washco also offers WaveRider Laundry technology. The WaveReader Spin allows residents the option of using the credit/debit cards they already carry. Learn more about the convenience of WaveRider Laundry solutions.

High-Efficiency Washers and Dryers

For maximum efficiency at your multi-resident housing laundry room, Washco offers energy-saving washers and dryers to help you save money and help the environment. Learn more about the benefits of Washco’s high-efficiency washers and dryers today!