Coded Value Adder – Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to write down any confirmation numbers after putting value on my Washco SmartCard?
Yes, you will be issued a ten digit revalue code for your purchase that must be entered at the revalue station (CVA) to transfer funds to your Washco SmartCard

I have received my revalue code. How do I use it?
Take your SmartCard and your 10 digit revalue code to the Coded Value Adder (CVA). Insert your SmartCard into the add value slot located near the top of the CVA and use the keypad to enter your 10 digit revalue code. The value you purchased will be added to your SmartCard.

  • Hint: When you insert your SmartCard into the add value slot the CVA will display your SmartCard serial number and the existing value on the card. After you enter your revalue code, the display will show the value that is being added and then your new card balance.

Why do I have to obtain a new code every time I want to put money on my Washco SmartCard?
Security, the coded value adder machine works on an algorithm system to add value to your Washco SmartCard, so in order to ensure credit card security, an authorization code needs to be generated for each credit card transaction.

I tried to register my Washco SmartCard and it says it is registered to another user. Should I get a new one?
Obtaining a new card is not necessary. Just call Washco’s Toll Free number 1-800-342-9683.