High-Efficiency Washers

Washco offers a variety of high-efficiency commercial washers to conserve water and reduce utility bills. A recent nationwide study found that residents with washers and dryers in their homes do smaller and more frequent loads of laundry than residents with a common laundry room, leading to a lot more water usage. Leasing multi-housing laundry equipment from Washco can help fix this in two ways. First, residents will be doing fewer loads less often which will conserve water. Second, Washco offers a number of high-efficiency washers from the most trusted brands in the industry.

The nationwide survey revealed a few more facts that show just how much our commercial laundry equipment can make your property’s laundry operation more efficient:

    • Apartment buildings with in-unit washers used approximately 8,500 more gallons of water per year than apartments with common laundry rooms.
    • Residents of multi-family housing with washers in the unit used more than three times the amount of water than residents living in buildings with community laundry rooms.
    • Each week, residents with in-unit laundry equipment went through 227 gallons of water while residents with community laundry rooms used a mere 69 gallons a week.

Energy Efficient Laundry Rooms from Washco

Washco’s selection of high-efficiency washers and dryers from Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool can reduce laundry energy costs more than 500 percent compared to in-unit laundry options. Community laundry equipment can save your multi-family housing unit in a big way, and Washco is here to help. Contact a Washco representative today to learn more.