What is a Washco Smart Card?

A Washco Smart Card looks similar to a credit card with a computer chip that securely stores information such as cash value and location information. Smart Cards are meant to simplify your laundry efforts by eliminating the need to obtain quarters.

How do I obtain a Washco Smart Card?

Your buildings management office will provide you with a Smart Card or you can call Washco customer service at 1-800-342-9683
to request a Smart Card.

Can I check the balance on my Washco Smart Card?

All of our washers, dryers, and revalue centers will display your card balance when the card is inserted into the machine.

How do I add money to my Washco laundry card?


  • Click “revalue my smartcard” on this website.
  • Login to the Washco Revalue site.
  • On the left hand side of the page, click “Revalue.”
  • Enter your card alias and serial number and continue with transaction.
  • After your purchase is completed, your revalue code will appear on the screen. You can have this code emailed or sent via text message if you have provided that information in your account profile.
  • Take your laundry card and revalue code to the CVA (Coded Value Adder) in your laundry room to retrieve value.

How do I start a washer or dryer with my Smart Card?

Insert your Smart Card into the card slot on the machine. The display will show your card balance, then the amount needed to start the machine. Press the fabric selector/start button. The display will read “hold or wait”. When the display reads “pull card”, remove your card and the machine will start.

I lost Money in a washer or dryer, how do I get a refund back on my card?

Call Washco’s Toll-Free Phone: 1-800-342-9683 You must have the washer or dryer number that malfunctioned. A service technician will be dispatched to that machine. Refunds are subject to verification.

My Washco Smart Card is not working in the machine, what do I do?

First, clean your card with rubbing alcohol or Windex and try the card in the machine again. If the card still will not read, try to determine whether your card is defective or if the machine you are using it in is malfunctioning. Insert your Washco Smart Card into a different washer or dryer. Double check that your card is properly inserted in the card reader. Do not remove your card until after the wait/hold command is no longer displayed. If it is still not working, contact us at 800-342-9683 and one of our Customer Service Representatives will be pleased to assist you.

How long does the money stay on my Washco Smart Card?

Once the money is added, it remains on the card until it is completely used in the washers and dryers.

I lost my Washco Smart Card, how do I get a new one?

Contact your Building Manager or call Toll Free Phone: 1-800-342-9683
for more information. Treat your card like cash. Washco is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

What happens to my Card Balance when moving or checking out?

Please use any remaining balance on your Washco Smart Card before moving/Checking out. NO REFUNDS will be given out for any balances left on your card.