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Washco’s laundry customers are enjoying the convenience of our “coinless” card-operated system thanks to the ease it provides their residents. Properties that use our Smart Card technology have residents that are more satisfied with the overall laundry experience and see higher levels of usage.

Smart Cards are reusable and are easily refilled at the Card Value Center located within the laundry facility. Similar to an ATM, the Card Value Center accepts both cash and charge cards to refill the Smart Card. Smart Cards provide the following benefits:

  • Convenience: Residents can skip the hassle of having to track down quarters every time they do laundry
  • Higher usage: The convenience of our Smart Card machines increases usage and improves revenues 
  • Reliability: Eliminates service calls for jammed coin slides
  • Security: Eliminates the possibility of theft from coin boxes
  • Ability to vary prices: Allows regulation of peak time usage with premium pricing, and discount pricing for off-peak times

Learn more about Smart Cards from Washco Laundry by checking out our Smart Card FAQ!

Coded Value Adder

Coded Value Adder

Add money or check your laundry card’s balance.

You can add value to your Washco Smart Card using a Coded Value Adder (CVA). If there is a Coded Value Adder (CVA) in your Laundry Room, here is how you register or add value to your Washco Smart Card:

Register your SmartCard:

Add Value to your Washco Smart Card:

You can add value to your SmartCard anytime of the day, at your convenience:

Need more information? Check out our Coded Value Adder FAQ page!