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The WaveReader SPIN from Washco Laundry

Washco Laundry offers the WaveReader SPIN to provide multi-housing laundry room managers with another great cashless laundry system solution. The WaveReader SPIN is a payment device that is designed to work with most coin-operated washers and dryers. Contact a Washco representative today to learn more!

Benefits & Advantages for your Customers

WaveReader Spin Commercial Laundry Technology

  • Unsurpassed Reliability – WaveCentral monitoring ensures issues are resolved quickly and any down-time is minimal
  • Convenience – customers can use WaveVision to see which machines are available and check to see how much time is left on the cycle before making the trek to the laundry room
  • Efficiency – customers can receive text alerts when their cycle is done

Benefits & Advantages for Multi-Housing Managers

Each WaveReader can be monitored, in real time for:

  • Transaction activity
  • Current operating status
  • Out-of-service conditions