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So, you are back from your beach trip and you’ve got the tan and tranquility to prove it. Keep the good times rolling with a load or two of laundry!

Step One: Dump Your Suitcase Immediately

Empty that suitcase and sort that laundry. You don’t want all of that sand, sunscreen and margarita mix settling into your shorts and tanks for good. Most importantly, you probably have some damp items in there that need to be rescued before they start growing mold.

Step Two: Treat Your Clothes Right

Before you start that wash cycle, think about each of your articles and what they need. Some examples follow:

Bathing suits – Make sure to check your bathing suit labels for any special instructions. If there aren’t any, still make sure to throw them into a cold water wash and set your cycle settings to gentle. If you happen to have any mesh bags or pouches handy, it’s a good idea to zip your suits in for an extra layer of protection from other moving and twisting clothes. And avoid putting them in the dryer. The heat of the dryer can be harmful to the elasticity that’s in bathing suits, so let them hang dry in order to best preserve the quality of the fabric.

Beach towels – Got a beach towel to add to the mix? Feel free! Just make sure towels are only going in with other cotton items. Lint is attracted to fabrics other than cotton, and you don’t want to be plucking rainbow-colored fuzz off of your favorite polyester tee for eternity. And show that washing machine some love by shaking out any sand first. It will run better for you next week and next year if you do.

For any stains you discover in your loads, check out our treatment tips for help on removing them.

Step Three: Don’t Give Up! 

And get that folding done while you are on a roll! Finishing the task will be a great way to get you back into the swing of things. You can recall the joy of vacation as you lovingly return each article of clothing back to your closet.

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