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Wash Your Sneakers in 3 Easy Steps

Has your favorite pair of sneakers seen better days? The good news is you can machine wash your kicks so that they look brand-new again. Just follow these three steps.

Step One: Preparation
Before putting your sneakers in the washing machine, wipe off as much dirt and debris from your sneakers as you can — consider using a rag or an old toothbrush to do this.

If your shoes have a particularly strong odor, sprinkle them with 3 tablespoons of baking soda and let them sit for a few hours before washing. This will make a WORLD of difference.

Lastly, remove the laces from your sneakers and place everything in a mesh wash bag to help stop your laces from getting tangled in the machine.

Step 2: Machine Wash
Put your sneakers in the washing machine along with a few towels or blankets — these will act as a buffer to keep your shoes from banging around and making too much noise.

Use a liquid detergent, as powdered detergent may get stuck inside your sneakers. Be sure not to overdo it on the detergent, too much soap residue can stain your shoes or make them stiff.

Run the washer on a delicate cycle to prevent friction and select a cold water temperature. Depending on the machine, the cycle should run between 30 and 40 minutes.

Step 3: Air Dry
Do NOT put your sneakers in the dryer, as the heat may warp and damage them. Instead, let your shoes air dry near a fan or open window. You can even remove the insoles of your shoes and flip the tongue out to speed up the drying time.

Just a friendly reminder, only machine wash your sneakers–leave your leather and suede shoes to the professionals!  

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