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Posted by on Oct 18, 2018 in blog, commercial laundry leasing, laundry app, multi-housing laundry | 0 comments

Washco’s NEW Laundry Management App

Washco is excited to announce a new mobile laundry management app, MicroPayment GS, available for both Apple and Android smartphones! This new app will allow residents to: access a laundry monitoring system, pay for laundry, track and manage account balance and start washers and dryers directly from a mobile device.

Washco takes pride in the simplicity of the laundry app; and residents will be able to use it in a few effortless steps:
1. Download the app – it can be found by searching ‘micropayment gs’
2. Sign up to create an account
3. Add money from a credit card
4. Input the machine number or scan a QR code
5. Payment will be deducted, and machine is ready to start!

Washco is focused on enhancing user experience in today’s technological world, as well as enabling laundry monitoring while on the go! To enhance the residents’ experience, Washco wanted an app that would be easy to use but still provide enough information for the residents to track the laundry cycle from anywhere, any time. The app provides access to a monitoring page, which will show availability of the washers and dryers in each laundry room in real time. Residents can also view the listing of machines, machine availability, time remaining, and receive notifications when the cycle is completed. The app also tracks usage history and payment transactions.

Washco’s new payment system is proving to be very popular because convenience and ease of use are more of a priority for your residents. Washco wanted to make sure the laundry industry was keeping up with that trend. And, of course, we will continue to offer the top brands and most reliable laundry machines.

Equipping your multi-housing laundry room with the best commercial laundry equipment and payment options will provide quality and reliability for your residents. Washco Laundry Equipment boasts over 50 years of experience in the commercial laundry industry and is the preferred choice for leasing commercial laundry equipment throughout Florida. For more information on Washco’s commercial laundry solutions, contact  a Washco representative today.

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