What You Need to Know about Leasing Coin Operated Laundry Machines

Are you looking to install new coin operated commercial washers and dryers, add extra machines to your laundry room, or possibly upgrade your current laundry machines?  Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about leasing coin operated laundry machines!

coin operated laundry machines

Washco has premium coin operated commercial laundry machines for lease that will provide the best laundry experience for your residents. While card operated laundry machines may be the new trend, coin operated laundry machines provide a familiar experience for residents and ensure ease of use, which sets the stage for a successful laundry experience right out of the gate.

The coin operated washers and dryers are equipped with easy to use coin drops. The coin vaults are solid and sturdy to prevent theft, damage and tampering. The coin operated washing machines are also equipped with easy to use display dashboards that allow you to choose the wash cycle, water temperature, soil level and more. The commercial washers also have quality features: durable washtubs, excellent spin cycles that allow clothes to come out of the washer drier, and are energy compliant. The coin operated dryers also have exceptional features: temperature controls, large capacity, easy to clean lint filters and space saving narrow cabinets.

Why you should choose to lease commercial laundry machines

Leasing commercial laundry machines for your multi-housing laundry room is the best option to cut back on up-front operating expenses. Leasing commercial washers and dryers allow you to get your laundry room up and running quickly and more efficiently, while allowing part of your capital to be used on other business developments.

Another benefit of leasing commercial laundry machines from Washco is that you will receive complimentary repair service to any machines should they have issues. Our technicians are trained experts that will deliver the best service to the machines to ensure each machine’s performance and sustainability. This will save you time and money from becoming trained and certified.

Lease commercial laundry equipment with reputable brands

Whether you are looking to install commercial laundry machines or upgrade to newer laundry machines, Washco Laundry Equipment has you covered. Contact a representative today to learn more about which brand of laundry machine is right for you: Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool; which type of laundry machine will better suit your room setup: front load washers and dryers, top load washers and dryers or stackable washers and dryers; and whether to choose coin operated or card operated laundry machines for your multi-housing laundry room needs!

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